Localize your strategy in Russia


Think global, act local. This principle will provide a successful market penetration in Russia, too.

How many companies failed in the Russian market? Nobody actually counted actually. However, no need to panic - the reason of 90% fails is quite simple: the management of a corporation or a company relies on good research and the good unique sales proposition used, good research and value proposition for quite a different market. The company uses simple translation of materials and uses the communication channels and well known advertising forms. Results - the company finds lack of interest and understanding by potential customers in Russia.

How do we localize our offering for the Russian market? Measure seven times before cutting once, a proverb says. First of all we conduct research of potential customers to understand their needs and real attitude towards the brand - the product, the sound, the country, the associations, the value propositions.

After research you receive:

  • detailed buyer/customer persona in Russia
  • account penetration path for B2B or customer journey map for B2C
  • optimized unique selling proposition
  • quality translation and localization of your sales materials
  • localized content of your website
  • recommendations on most efficient marketing channels
  • marketing campaign plan and budget
  • potential partners in digital advertising/website construction, if required

Instant use is our formula of localization. The buyer personas can be used by your Sales Force to start communicating to potential customers. The localized sales materials are delivered ready to use. Marketing channel recommendations can be used starting next Monday to generate visitors and leads.

Find the right words to reach the heart and mind of your Russian customers. Now is the best time to make your move.