Business Acceleration and Entering New Markets
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Year of project implementation:

Project period:
7 months

Project lead:
Andrei Maiboroda

MyNanny offers a series of unique products for safe traveling with children. Despite their high-quality products, the team did not have sales management experience. Their efforts in building sales supported by GreenBusiness helped them to grow their revenue 2.5-fold within one year.

Customer's profile
  • At the beginning of the project the company was at the startup stage
  • Unstable revenue and sales forecast
  • Ineffective sales practices
  • innovative consumer goods producer from Ekaterinburg
Strategic objective

Build an effective sales system

  • C-Level consulting
  • Practical sales training
  • First sale to UK supported
  • Sales Ramp Up course developed
  • Sales Technology developed
Results at the end of the project:
  • Sales management competence improved
  • Substantial improvement in sales team motivation
  • First sale in the United Kingdom
  • Production projections increased by 250% in 2017
  • Sales revenue doubled within one year
  • Sales Quota overachievement by 40% at the end of the SPO project

After our cooperation with GreenBusiness, we turned a new page in our history. GreenBusiness provided valuable support in accelerating our growth, and our sales numbers growth was just incredible. We are very thankful for their professionalism and competence. Nadezhda Ilyina, CEO MyNanny

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