Israeli Medical Service provider
Marketing Strategy and Sales System
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Year of project implementation:

Project period:
9 months

Project lead:
Andrei Maiboroda

This Israeli medical service provider faced a decrease in sales in 2016. The reasons were a decrease in revenue of patients from Russia as well as an ineffective lead generation approach. GreenBusiness helped to reboot their digital marketing and accelerated the partner work of the company, resulting in a 30% growth in leads within the first year.

Customer's profile
  • Negative attitude from potential customers
  • Brand is not well-known in Russia
  • Severe competition with German and Korean hospitals
  • Medical service provider with average market position specializing in Russian patients faced a sales decrease
Strategic objective

Optimize marketing strategy and increase number of leads

  • C-Level coaching
  • Practical sales training
  • Sales Technology implemented
  • New marketing strategy
  • Company refocused, USP reinvented
  • Competitors and target customers analyzed
Results at the end of the project:
  • Brand awareness in Russia substantially increased due to productive work with TV, events and partners
  • After sales training, new salespeople showed results within one month
  • Effective sales technology raised the conversion ratio to 25+%
  • New marketing strategy increased the number of leads by 30%

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