Brownie Software
Sales Technology, Partner University and Recruiting
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Year of project implementation:

Project period:
1 year

Project lead:
Andrei Maiboroda

Brownie Software is a new project documentation management vendor working with Autodesk and IBM products. After the SPO project with GreenBusiness they developed a highly effective sales partner network allowing to gain a dominating market share in PDM field

Customer's profile
  • No sales system implemented
  • Ambitious plans
  • Capable and user friendly product
  • Young vendor in the PDM field
Strategic objective

Bring the sales to the next level

  • Development of the Partner University
  • C-Level coaching
  • Sales trainings for the resellers and distributor
  • CRM usage support
  • Recruiting and training of a sales manager
  • Sales Technology implemented
Results at the end of the project:
  • Number of active sales partners doubled
  • New sales manager showed results
  • Sales cycle reduced by avg. 20%

We recommend GreenBusiness as reliable and very competent partners in sales management and business development. The advice of GreenBusiness is something that really works. Pavel Balobanov, СЕО Brownie Software