Your Russian Sales Team

A step from your first employee in the new market to an effective Sales Team might be difficult to make. It is in fact so difficult because of the differences in the mentality, in the expectations, in the hiring practices and in the motivation methods which bring real results in different countries.

Skip the hard learning on your own mistakes - it costs too much time and money! Build a powerful Sales Force within just one or two months with GreenBusiness.

We know how to do it the best way, so that you

  • will get the best candidates that really are keen in selling;
  • are supported in sales interviews and get verification of sales skills by a local expert;
  • use our mediation to close the candidates with optimal compensation and relevant KPI's;
  • get not only people, but a detailed Sales Book for Russia tailored for your company;
  • receive Sales RampUp materials for your Sales Team, such as portraits of your clients, infos on the sales techniques that work in negotiations with Russian customers, sales technique videos, objection handling materials and more;
  • are complimented with practical sales skill training for your sales managers included in our service.

Assistance in finding an office, bank account, legal services, organizational support is also provided. All you need is to call us - and you will receive your Sales Team in your Sales Office on a turnkey basis.

The main difference between building your sales with us and doing it on your own is the transactional expenses. All the scope of work tasks which need to be done to assemble a nice sales team often makes it unaffordable for you. For this reason companies often just find one person which works in a relaxed manor lacking any competition. The other problem is staff turnaround(?). We take all these issues on our shoulders to bring you results.

Ask now, what it takes to establish your Sales Team in Russia and start selling in Russia within this year or even this quarter!