Recruiting 2.0

An active sales representative might be a doorway to the market for your company. But when you have no experience in finding and facilitating local sales professionals the results might be far from desired.

There are three key difficulties in finding a good sales representative abroad:

  • weak sales skills of the rep
  • low results due to poor training by the company
  • weak control of the sales representative


GreenBusiness is there to resolve all the three tasks. Since 2012 we hire (and fire) professional sales representatives in Russia and the CIS. We practice an effective sales recruitment methodology including basic assessment, special sales skill interviews, motivation testing and security checks.

The secret of hiring effectiveness which we are glad to share with you is that we as sales organization company conduct training right after recruitment addressing the weaker skills of the employee and the specifics of your business.

Moreover, when the candidate is on her/his probation period, we provide monitoring of the candidate on site - you receive the information on working hours and activities of the candidate.

Find the right one. Train the right one. Get first results. Go through the gate into the vast market of Russia.