Sales Training and Coaching

It's no secret that sales managers need to be trained. Otherwise their results may be lower than we expect, their motivation might be not enough and we as managers have to worry about finding appropriate replacement.

Obvious in recent years - the sales managers in Russia are tired to pitch-no-matter-which-lead. Western sales trainings do not always provide the results they did earlier.

SellIsHelp is a new Russian sales methodolody basing on a simple idea: you will easily sell, if you will sincerely help your client. This method finds more and more sympathy not only among sales professionals in Russia, but also among the clients.

SellIsHelp is the book written by Andrei Maiboroda, CEO @ GreenBusiness.

Make sure your managers do these things easily:

  • establish trust within the second and third touch with the client;
  • naturally lead the need discussion out of the small talk;
  • present your product or service spontaneously on the basis of the needs discussed with the prospect;
  • neutralize objections and work through resistance of the potential client;
  • push each deal delicately and yet quite effectively;
  • organize their time to accomplish more, get less tired and leave the work willing to come back tomorrow.

The training is recorded and provided with useful memo documents, so that your skills reside (?) within the company and can be refreshed.

Any other specific topics of sales training? - Let us discuss them right now!