Green Business.

Launching new products. Arranging sales systems. Optimizing revenues.

Company profile

The first Sales & Profit Optimization Agency in Russia, specialized business development and sales organization agency in St. Petersburg founded in 2013. We help innovative companies worldwide to find a target audience for their product, build an optimal value proposition, and establish a turnkey sales system in Russia, including sales materials, sales team, lead generation and representative office. Our strong fields are IT, manufacturing, hi-tech and med tech projects.

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Key value of an SPO project with GreenBusiness:

- you create a “wow” effect with your product by using the right words;

- you establish an efficient, productive sales office in 2-4 months;

- you build a customer base in Russia including complex B2B fields;

- you acquire strategic partnerships that are too hard to organize from your country;

- you increase sales volume in Russia by 20% and more in 6-12 months. 

About us
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ISO9001:2008 certified
over 80 clients in Russia, Israel, UK and USA
clients: hi tech, IT, manufacturing, med tech, FMCG
speciality fields: sales and profit optimization, business development
founded in 2013
Some results our clients:
Helped the International Legal Forum to launch a successful and popular legal e-learning platform
Helped the White Nights Conference to become one of the leading gamedev events in the world
Helped Unius Learning to become a profitable business without any investor money
Helped Yellow Pages Russia to reboot sales and gain new market share
Helped e-Legion to transform from an average mobile development company into one of the world's top 10 mobile developers
Our team
Andrei Maiboroda
Tatiana Maiboroda
  • Helped over 30 innovative companies to increase their sales
  • Trained sales managers and executives at Emarsys, Reksoft, Trinet, e-Legion, Procter & Gamble, Deutsche Bank and many others
  • Prior to IT - vast experience in business negotiation and import projects with SMS Siemag, CNH, Siemens, IBS, Velox and many others
  • Successful career in IT sales (Veeam Software, Reksoft, Netrika), track record from junior sales manager to Head of Sales
  • Bachelor’s in Economics, PhD in Communication Studies from St. Petersburg State University
  • Sales organization expert, enterpreneur, business book author, sales trainer and coach
  • Developed effective marketing strategies for several leading digital companies in Russia and other countries
  • Successful personal sales experience
  • Holds a Marketing Degree at St.-Petersburg State Economic Universtity
  • Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at GreenBusiness
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