Unius Learning
Marketing Strategy and Penetration Tactics
Client website:

Year of project implementation:

Project period:
2 months

Project lead:

Unius Learning came to a GreenBusiness seminar about sales systems in 2014 and asked to help develop a sales system for them. We helped to focus on B2B, find the first B2B client, arrange regular sales management and improve the founder sales skills.

Customer's profile
  • The company was in search for the first clients
  • Founder uncertain about the marketing strategy
  • MVP in beta
  • LMS with advanced functionality
Strategic objective

Choose the right strategy and find first customers

  • B2B lead generation
  • Coaching of the founder
  • Development of the penetration tactics
  • USP reformulation
  • Competitive analysis and niche analysis
Results at the end of the project:
  • Unius Learning won Barclay’s Grad Factor in 2014
  • The founder’s enhanced sales skills resulted in several new deals First customer found within one month after project start
  • First customer found within one month after project start
  • Competitive USP for B2B introduced to the market

GreenBusiness supported us at the very start, helping to choose the right strategy, find the first B2B customer and increasing my personal sales skills. The knowledge I have got from the consulting project is still useful for Unius Learning today. Recommend GreenBusiness as seasoned professionals. Victor Potapov, CEO & Founder

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