Marketing Strategy and Sales System
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Year of project implementation:

Project period:
5 months

Project lead:
Andrei Maiboroda

Datagrav is an innovative knowledge management platform with unique functionality and has huge potential in corporate segment. But from the very birth it had the risk of failing to compete with such monsters as Google, Dropbox and MS Office365. We helped to find correct market segments, sharpen the positioning and start selling.

Customer's profile
  • The project team was unclear about the optimal market penetration strategy
  • One pilot project with a potential customer in progress
  • Product faces risk of competition with Google and Dropbox
  • Innovative KMS product
Strategic objective

Choose the right strategy to penetrate the Russian market

  • Coaching for the CEO
  • Unique customer relation management method introduced
  • Several leads generated during the project
  • Marketing & PR strategy developed
  • Penetration tactics for key target clients developed
  • Target customer redefined, USP reformulated
Results at the end of the project:
  • Полезные знакомства руководства компании с представителями бизнеса, экспертами и потенциальными пользователями.
  • Sales skills of the core team substantially improved
  • Three potential customers attracted during the project
  • The penetration tactics started working from the first month on
  • Our roadmap recommendations helped to optimize the UI and add valuable functionality
  • Thorough competition analysis helped to find the right niche and avoid direct competition with Google and Dropbox.

The consultancy of GreenBusiness have made massive influence on our vision of the marketing strategy and even the product roadmap. They also developed a unique Customer Relations Management method on the base of Datagrav platform which helped us to start selling. I would also like to mention the sales trainings conducted by Andrei Maiboroda and the general positive approach he demonstrated as a perfect example of breaking the ice between the customer and the seller. Sergey Kochuguev, СЕО Datagrav

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