BiogradProduct - Sonett Washing Liquids
Sales System and Recruiting
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Year of project implementation:

Project period:
2 months

Project lead:
Andrei Maiboroda

BiogradProduct online shop asked us to help establish predictable sales of Sonett liquids as well as biocosmetics and eco friendly food products from Germany. We needed only two months to define the sales process, find an effective account manager, train her and boost the sales.

Customer's profile
  • Unstable revenues
  • No systematic upsells and cross sells
  • Problems with finding, hiring sales people and bringing them to results
  • Eco friendly FMCG
  • Family SMB
Strategic objective

Organize sales effectively and increase sales volumes

  • Implementation support
  • Coaching of the CEO
  • Practical sales training
  • Recruiting of a sales manager
  • Definition of the sales process
Results at the end of the project:
  • 50% growth of repeated sales
  • Negative feedback about service substantially reduced
  • Sales and upsell system implemented
  • Average sales check grew by 25%
  • Average monthly revenue grew by 20% despite currency sanctions

I am very thankfull to GreenBusiness and Andrei Maiboroda for helping to arrange a predictable and effective sales stream for our online shop. By showing their caring attitude alongside with professionalism GreenBusiness turned from a partner to friend. Alexey Chistopashin, CEO Biogradproduct

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